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Classes and Course

Try a small group class at the Chalk & Slate location in the KuBe art center in Beacon, NY. Classes are carefully tailored for a variety of needs using a blend of strength training, yoga, and post rehab techniques. 

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Core Essentials

The Core Essentials class tackles stability and strength for one of the most important functions of the body, and helps to address dysfunction which can result in back pain and pelvic floor issues. Safe and effective for individuals with abdominal separation as well as anyone wanting to build a rock solid core!


Form and Function

For those of us with bionic bits! If you've had any knee, shoulder, or hip replacements, spinal fusions, surgical mesh, or other procedures that keep you out of group fitness, this class is for you! Strength and mobility with adaptations that are safe and effective with all the fun of exercising with friends.

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Gym School Course

For the ambitious student who wants to learn how to work out on their own, this 6 week program includes custom workouts, one-on-one sessions

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