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"I had never heard of the concept of functional fitness and it far exceeded any expectations I had. After the first session I felt like I had been let out of a straight jacket. I feel stronger and stronger after every session!" ~ Paula G

"When I first started working with Meredith, I couldn't get on and off the floor. Since then I've lost 30 pounds, but it's become all about strength, agility, and changing the definition of myself and my future." ~ Lee C.


You're a busy person. You have a loaded schedule with a ton of responsibilities, hobbies and commitments, and self care can be one of the hardest things to squeeze in. I get it because I'm just like you.

We know we want to "be healthy." We know that feeling well makes our lives easier and prepares us for whatever the day throws at us, but what does that even mean? Everyday we're bombarded with conflicting ideas and advise surrounding weight loss and diet, the absolute best exercises, and an endless list of what we're supossed to be doing that, lets be real, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to achieve - even without our busy schedules!

I'm not here to tell you to lose weight. My clients are not shuffled in to be subjected to weigh ins, calorie counting or pinch tests. Instead, my practice focuses around simple, long term changes that bring lasting wellness to your routine centered around Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size principles.  I use tried and true models for physical wellbeing that fine tunes your body to work its best as a whole with a focus on building strength and optimizing mobility and movement.  


I can't tell you how often I've heard this. Too many clients have started our first conversation with an apology for the laundry list of issues they're about to lay on me, asking "am I the worst you've ever seen?" NO! You are a human.

It's so easy to gloss over the not-so-glamorous realities of aches and pains, injuries, physical trauma from pregnancy and all the other issues that come with being alive when we're constantly surrounded by absurd images of what "good health" looks like. News flash! Not only is that fitness model probably a genetically gifted teenage athlete, she was also heavily retouched - something I know all too well from my former life as a beauty retoucher.

If you are the owner of a human body, you've probably experienced enough of the tumbles of life to pick up a large collection of these merit badges, (I know I have!) but it doesn't mean you are broken, and most certainly doesn't mean that you can't live the life you want to live. As a Specialist in Orthopedic Exercise, I don't ignore these issues or shy away from them. We work with your body - not against it - to keep you doing everything you want to do.


You tell me! If you're ready to feel empowered by your life, send me a message telling me why.

We'll schedule a free 20 minute conversation and get you ready for the next step!