Practical Health
and Fitness

Good health and feeling well doesn't have to be an illusive or confusing experience. Most of us know what to do to feel well​

Move And
Be Free

Movement is a corner stone of quality of life. Moving comfortably and having the strength to do all of things in your life that you love, free from injury, is what it's all about


Take ownership of the space you occupy and the skin you live in. Find out how creating space in your life centered around self love and compassion can

help you


Yes, you get to take up space,

it's yours to take up! Take an empowered 


My approach to health and fitness is centered on giving you the tools and strength you need to live your life, whether conditioning your body to work better as a whole, developing the strength you need to keep hiking every weekend, keep that monster garden going year after year, or simply be able to comfortably play with your kiddos and grandkiddos.

About me

I am your biggest fan,

champion and cheerleader, because I've been there too.

I approach every client as I wish someone had for me when I needed it the most, providing judgement free guidance backed with real world solutions free of gimmicks and unrealistic expectations, all in support of living our lives as freely as possible.

I couldn't be happier with the results that I have accomplished from working with her. She encourages me to achieve my goals. She is patient, understanding and knowledgeable about nutrition, muscles, which weights and exercise equipment is best for me. She has me doing things that I never thought I could do! She makes me feel good about how far I have come.

Rita G