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- Do you want to find meaning in your seemingly mindless routine?

- Are you tired of feeling like everything you do gets you nowhere?

- Do you find yourself being "good" all day and then binging at night or on the weekends?

- Do you try to make up for being "bad" one day with extra exercise or restrictive eating the next?

- Do you have a family member that won't leave you alone about your health, but you're not sure what to do or even if they're right and why don't they just leave you alone already??

Health Coaching is a relatively new practice that can be extremely empowering for those in the right place for it. It is the process of discovering the powerful reasons behind your goals, (the more you understand your "Big Why" the easier it is to fulfill them), pinpointing the obstacles standing in your way, and developing a plan filled with solutions and incremental behavior changes to see them through for long term results. 

While this seems simple enough to do on our own, it can be difficult to see past our own self judgements and we tend to do the same things that don't work over and over again. The role of me as your coach is to keep you focused on your Big Why, steer clear of shame cycles, and help you avoid making the same wrong turns that make you feel like you've been running in circles for years. Our sessions can occur over the phone, by video chat, or even during a walk if you are local to Beacon, NY. 

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