Omelette Muffins

These little guys come together super quick and can be easily adapted with whatever fillings you have on hand.

I will include a list of my favorite combos at the bottom, but basically, it's about 3 Cups of filling for 12 muffins, and I like 2 of those cups to be veggies.

They're easy to make ahead and freeze. I'll nuke them for 30 seconds, and then give them a toast in the old toaster oven - not necessary but I like a little top brown. Otherwise about 90 sec in the microwave should do it. Either way, it's super easy!


10-12 eggs depending on size (typically 1 large egg per muffin)

2 Cups chopped veggies

1/2 Cup shredded cheese (optional - can sub for more veggies)

1/2 Cup cooked protein like breakfast sausage (optional - can sub for more veggies)



1-2 Tbsp Herbs or seasonings


Preheat oven to 375F

Beat eggs in large bowl with 1-2 tablespoons of water, a big pinch of salt, and pepper to taste. If you are using herbs or seasonings, beat those in as well.

Thoroughly grease a muffin tin (I use cooking spray) and evenly distribute veggies and meat (if using) into each cup. Add cheese if using, but save some for sprinkling on top.

Pour egg mixture (slowly!) into each cup, leaving just a wee bit of space before the top. Sprinkle with additional cheese, herbs or seasonings.

Bake 30-35 minutes until they have crowned and are firm. You can use a toothpick or thin skewer to check for runny egg in the middle.

Flavor Pairings I Like

2 Cups chopped broccoli

.5 Cup shredded cheddar

.5 Cup chicken apple breakfast sausage - cooked ad sliced

1 Tbsp paprika

3 bunches leeks - trimmed

1 shallot diced

.5 Cup shredded swiss

.5 Cup sliced honey ham cut in strips

1 Tbsp herbs de provance

-sauté shallot and trimmed leeks in 1 tsp butter before separating into muffin tin

1.5 C diced red pepper

.5 C sautéed onion

.5 Cup mild provolone

.5 Cup spicy Italian sausage, cooked and crumbled

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