Adapting to The New Normal - or - That Book I'm Not Putting Out Now

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

So, last year I was working away on a book project. It was going to be a funny, super friendly, and practical (of course) guide to getting started at a gym.

It did not go as planned...

ME: I'm writing this book! It's going to be super helpful for people who are intimidated by the gym!

2019: That sounds like something people would like!

ME: Great! I'm going to work hard all year and get it ready to roll out in 2020

2019: Sounds like a plan!

ME: It has a program people can follow to get used to the types of equipment, and instead of using "fitness models" I'm using a wide selection of people that typically feel marginalized by the fitness industry so everyday people will feel more seen and included!

2019: Cool! That's so important.

ME: I agree. I'm working as much as I can done but it takes a lot of time to start a business so I'll get it done ASAP...

2020: We need to talk.

Yeah, things changed pretty fast.

One thing I've found myself saying a lot during the Covid quarantine is that under extreme situations, people really show their true colors.

The reality is that I wasn't all that upset that the project I'd been plugging away at for a year was dead in the water - and why is that?

Because things change on a dime in life. It always has, it always will.

Yes, this is totally huge and something we've never seen before, no question! But being supple in how we navigate changes is key.

What are some of the ways we can adapt?

Letting go of old ideas and creating new ideas in their place.

Allowing yourself to experiment, which also means allowing yourself to fail sometimes.

Your situation and environment may have changed the way you approach your goals, but they're still your goals. Keep a focus on the goals and not the former routine while developing a new approach.

To be sure, even when we're trying to stay up and positive and doing all the things to adapt, there are going to be some low days too, and that's ok. It really is ok, make space in your life to feel the pain and discomfort of this level of change.

Give yourself permission to feel it.

Give yourself permission to let it go.

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