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Even if you do wear a uniform for work, we are not cookie cutter creatures. My philosophy is simple - it's you. From our first conversation to every moment we spend together, I am focused on hearing you, seeing you, and delivering the most efficient and effective experience for your specific needs, whatever they may be. 

What you won't find in my studio are quick fixes, fads, restrictive eating or a focus on the scale. As much as we want that magic pill, that 21 day cleanse, that overnight presto chango reinvention of ourselves, it's a road that goes nowhere as many of us have learned the hard way. Any why do we want to be someone else anyway?  I'm not here to tell you what you should be, or to change who you are in order to fit into the picture of "health" that has become so distorted. 

My approach to health and fitness is centered on giving you the tools and strength you need to live your life, whether conditioning your body to work better as a whole, developing the strength you need to keep hiking every weekend, keep that monster garden going year after year, or simply be able to comfortably play with your kiddos and grandkiddos.

The work we do together puts you on a long term path to live YOUR life, whether you chose to work with me for years as many of my clients have, or want the knowledge and confidence to be able to do it on your own.


Enabling people to do it their way, in a way that truly works for them, is my mission.


- Do you have limited time and want to make sure you get the most out of your physical activity?

- Do you need accountability in order to actually show up and do the thing?

- Does your schedule mean you have to workout during the daytime but the only available classes and programs seem to be at night or first thing in the morning?

- Is your doctor concerned about your bone density and suggested resistance training?

- Are you worried about hurting yourself or have a prior issue/injury that concerns you?

- Did your insurance company release you from physical therapy, but your therapist wants you to continue your exercises?

- Would you prefer to workout in a private studio than a large public gym?

Personal training is more than someone putting you through a workout they cobbled together from instagram or pinterest. (And if you ever get the feeling that a trainer is doing that - RUN!)

Every client gets a carefully designed program suited for their goals where each sessions builds off of the last. Strength, ease of movement and balance develop as part of building a well oiled human body machine, with careful attention to fixing imbalances and avoiding injury.


My clients learn why we do what we do, and what to focus on to get the best results for their lifestyles. I give as much information about why we do what we do as someone wants, hopefully putting them on a path to be able to go off on their own if that's what their goals are. Additionally, having an appointment with someone planning and waiting keeps clients accountable and coming in even on those tough days filled with I-don't-Wannas. I'm here to keep you on the right track and see results!


- Do you want to find meaning in your seemingly mindless routine?

- Are you tired of feeling like everything you do gets you nowhere?

- Do you find yourself being "good" all day and then binging at night or on the weekends?

- Do you try to make up for being "bad" one day with extra exercise or restrictive eating the next?

- Do you have a family member that won't leave you alone about your health, but you're not sure what to do or even if they're right and why don't they just leave you alone already??

Health Coaching is a relatively new practice that can be extremely empowering for those in the right place for it. It is the process of discovering the powerful reasons behind your goals, (the more you understand your "Big Why" the easier it is to fulfill them), pinpointing the obstacles standing in your way, and developing a plan filled with solutions and incremental behavior changes to see them through for long term results. 

While this seems simple enough to do on our own, it can be difficult to see past our own self judgements and we tend to do the same things that don't work over and over again. The role of me as your coach is to keep you focused on your Big Why, steer clear of shame cycles, and help you avoid making the same wrong turns that make you feel like you've been running in circles for years. Our sessions can occur over the phone, by video chat, or even during a walk if you are local to Beacon, NY. 


I require a three month commitment from new clients in order to better serve you and provide the accountability that sees you beyond the initial excitement of starting something new, and through the tougher times that are so much harder to stick with it. 


You want to see progress and I want to see you succeed! Building long lasting habits and seeing change in your mind and body takes time. I'm not talking about some 5 year commitment here, but that 21 day fix thing isn't going to cut it in the long run. Depending on your goals, we set the gears in motion for building solid routines, becoming aware and developing strategies for pitfalls, and to make sure that you have the support you need every step of the way.