- Are you starting or transitioning into home workouts and don't know where to begin?

- Do you need accountability in order to actually show up and do the thing?

- Does your schedule mean you have to workout during the daytime but the only available classes and programs seem to be at night or first thing in the morning?

- Is your doctor concerned about your bone density and suggested resistance training?

- Are you worried about hurting yourself or have a prior issue/injury that concerns you?

- Did your insurance company release you from physical therapy, but your therapist wants you to continue your exercises?

- Do you have limited time and want to make sure you get the most out of your physical activity?

- Would you prefer to workout in a private studio than a large public gym?

Bringing movement into your day is incredibly important for your well being, and finding the right kind of movement for you, something that enhances your day in a positive way can be a confusing task.

Personal training is more than someone putting you through a workout they cobbled together from instagram or pinterest. (And if you ever get the feeling that a trainer is doing that - RUN!) 

Every client gets a carefully designed program suited for their goals where each sessions builds off of the last. Strength, ease of movement and balance develop as part of building a well oiled human body machine, with careful attention to fixing imbalances and avoiding injury.


My clients learn why we do what we do, and what to focus on to get the best results for their lifestyles. I give as much information about why we do what we do as someone wants, hopefully putting them on a path to be able to go off on their own if that's what their goals are. Additionally, having an appointment with someone planning and waiting keeps clients accountable and coming in even on those tough days filled with I-don't-Wannas. I'm here to keep you on the right track and see results!