- Do you want a dedicated space for movement but don't know where to start or what you'll need?

- Do you find yourself uncomfortable with the idea of "taking up space"?

- Do you want a quiet place to spend a mindful moment but feel overwhelmed by your surroundings?

- Do you often feel over looked or under appreciated?

- Are you ready to deck out a home gym but are unsure about the what best equipment or workout program to invest in?

The Mastering Your Domain has two options - simple, practical home design and guidance on equipment, layout and workout programs. Many times people invest in expensive, large, and unnecessary equipment for what they actually need to achieve their goals. I'm here to help you get on the right program with the right equipment that matches your goals, budget and space.


If you want to go a little deeper, the Inside and Out program is the result of a common issue that comes up regularly with my clients, combining a practical approach to interior design coupled with self esteem coaching. 

Together, we tackle the underlying issues keeping you from feeling worthy of taking up space in this world, while using what you already have in your life to create a sanctuary devoted to you.