- Are you tired of the endless diet/binge cycle?

- Have you tried every fad diet out there but nothing seems to work or stick?

- Do you have fear surrounding certain foods?

- Do you suspect you have some disordered behavior around food?

- Are you "good" all day or week and then "bad" at night or on the weekends?

Wouldn't it be nice to just not have to worry about food? To not have to juggle good foods versus bad foods, to not feel that you have to"work off" every meal.

When someone flouts their -30 days to a flat stomach- system, they're not looking out for your health, they're preying on your insecurity to make a sale. Fad diets set us up for long term failure, and reinforce the toxic ideas surrounding body image equalling health that has been spoon fed to us our whole lives.

Challenge your existing ideas about food, learn to listen to your body, and free yourself from the endless tangle of supossed to's, guilt, restriction and back slides of the diet/binge cycle.

There is a better way - are you ready?