About Me

You might think it's kind of weird that I do what I do considering that I hate the fitness industry... but I HAVE to do what I do, because I hate the fitness industry so much!

I didn't do my bachelors in exercise science - although imposter syndrome often tells me to wish I had.​

No, I studied art, and then I worked in the arts for years!  Both commercially and in the gallery world, 

Growing up as a child of fashion professionals, I was constantly surrounded by images and expectations of what I was "supossed" to look like - unrealistically lean for my athletic body type. (Forget the tall part, that would take a feat of science!)​

At the same time, I was very much in a food-is-love household. My mom is an exceptional cook and we were always expected to clear our plates. This is a dangerous combination that resulted in a life long battle with eating disorders, compulsive behaviors around exercise and diet, and just a whole lot of self harm along the way.


I hated the way I looked and hated the way I felt about myself.

Movement was always a big part of my life, sometimes acting as an escape, sometimes a release, but from the start I was prone to injuries - possibly due in part to my poor nutrition caused by bulimia. Knowing the recovery process and understanding how injuries and pain effects our bodies has been an enormous professional focus for me as a result.​

The pendulum has swung many times between recovery and relapse, with the relapses often wearing the mask of wellness. I've tried every fad you can name and more, from going vegan and then keto to intermittent fasting with morning met-cons, all in the name of health. I learned the hard way that there is no easy fix for self loathing, and instead, the things I spent my time doing needed to be in support of self love - loving myself RIGHT NOW, exactly how I am, and in support of living the life that brought me genuine joy.

I started my adult years working in the fashion industry that I knew so well, but so much of the work preyed on the insecurities of people in an attempt to sell whatever clothing/cosmetic/beauty fix that was on the menu that day. At night I studied and taught martial arts, and it was through that experience that I saw the incredible transformations that took place in my student's lives. It was then that I knew I wanted to bring this experience to more people and decided to make Health and fitness my full time job.

I approach every client as I wish someone had for me when I needed it the most, providing judgement free guidance backed with real world solutions free of gimmicks and unrealistic expectations, all in support of living our lives as freely as possible.

  • CPT - ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • CHC - ACE Certified Health Coach

  • ACE Functional Fitness Specialist

  • ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

  • AHA CPR - AED Adult/Juvenile CPR & First Aid